Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mega Bubble Bath

I love to take a hot bath and soak my pain away. However since we moved into this house the only tub is upstairs with the kids rooms. Need I say more? Ok, one more thing, it's a tomb of a tub. So tiny and you can't lay back if you care about your neck bones. It's straight up and down! I'll admit I've scrubbed as much yuck as I could and succumbed to trying to relax in that tub, but I have to be desperate.
Fast forward a bit to a few weeks ago when my husband and I took an anniversary trip. Just the two of us. As I was booking the hotels I kept looking for a jacuzzi tub in the rooms. The first two nights the only room available was just a regular room. However even the standard tub was pure luxury to our tomb of a tub at home. I enjoyed several baths, especially since I walked the beach for way to long and honestly didn't think I'd ever make it back. I took full advantage of no guilt on my water is usage. Shame.....

The third night we stayed at a really out of the way motel, yes you read that, a motel with an actual real metal key to enter the room. The reason I chose such a had a jacuzzi tub. Now driving up to this place, I questioned my own sanity, walking to the room my husband questioned my sanity, but when we opened the door, it actually was a beautiful room. And there in the corner, surrounded by windows overlooking the pounding waves was my jacuzzi. Ahhhh! The door was barely closed and I had the water running!
So, what does this terribly long story have to do with bubble baths? My sweet teen girls but together a gift basket for us. It included muscle soaks, chocolates, candles, lotions and bubble bath. It was our last night out so I thought I should pour a little in.
Here's the deal, the bath water was hot. I opened the window next to the jacuzzi, and my husband had the sliding glass door open for the cross breeze. I just love ocean air breezes. I love them even more when I'm sitting in a big hot bath. Now, the bubbles in the bath were getting a wee bit more aggressive then I had anticipated, but for some crazy reason the thought never occurred to me that turning on the jets would make it worse. It was like that 80's horror flick, The blob. Except this time it was in bubble form, quickly the bubbles were growing higher then the tub by about 8 inches or more. That's when it happened...... The ocean breeze kicked up a nice gust and off went a huge amount of bubbles out that open sliding glass door. I'm fast.... I shut the jets off but the bubbles just stayed. Seriously this was the best bubble bath ever made. Those bubbles would not die. Again, another whoosh from the ocean breeze and again bubbles are flying out the glass door. Im in hysterics as I try to consider what all the people on the beach must be wondering. Do they see the massive amount of bubbles floating out of room 62? Are the bubbles dissipating quickly or are they sticking to someone's window 2 floors down? Hysterical laughing ensures.

Quickly I close the window and my husband closes the glass door. I start to let the water, and hopefully the bubbles out. Water went, bubbles stayed.

As crazy insane as it was, I eventually got the bubbles down and re-started the bath again. Totally worth it!

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