Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Pinterest Perfect

Recently I've picked up pining on Pinterest again. Having had a second surgery in just a few months I've done a lot of sitting and thinking and well.... Pinning.
Which brings me to the title of this post. My home, my homeschool, my kitchen, my diet and simply my life is perfect..... On Pinterest. However if you show up at my house announced or unannounced you'll see a typical American homeschool families little home. A dinning room table that longs to be refinished, a piano that's more then slightly out of tune, laundry spilling out of the too small laundry room and possibly more then a few Amazon boxes holding various impulse good for my family purchases. In fact there is not one Pinterest worthy spot in my house.

It's ok! My failure to implement my pin worthy boards into my life does not define me. It does not define my commitment to my family or being a keeper at home. It's a dreamers tool, a place to design and pretend and maybe just maybe find a helpful or fun thing to try. Don't let it become something you compare yourself to. Don't let it define your self-worth.

You can pin that!

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