Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Favorite Book for Homeschooling Information

One of my all time favorite books is Clay and Sally Clarksons "Educating the WholeHearted Child."

This is my reference book when I need to understand a different approach. I run to this book when I need help understanding my child and I cling to this book when I lose my perspective. I recommend this book to every new and old homeschool mom I meet. You really can not go wrong.

Clay and Sally Clarkson have given us a tremendous gift by pouring their hearts into this guide. They really reach the heart of homeschooling here. The ups and downs, the fears, the joys and give you a sense of confidence that you can teach your own children.

If you notice, I am not making any money off this book, which is why I did not put a link to it. Buy it where you want, off the Clarksons website, or I would suggest you don't wait another minute.

Speaking of another minute, they did recently update this book. The picture is of the book I currently have. I just told my husband I would love to have their updated book too. Hopefully he will get the hint.