Sunday, September 26, 2010

Well if we don't have enough on our plate already

I have a dream.... no we are not studying Martin Luther King Jr. right now. I have a dream to open a homeschool resource center here in my town. A place where one could go to offer or take classes from mom's, a place where you can find those out of print REAL history books. A quiet place for mom's to plan, kids to research and for all to share in this journey of homeschooling.

I would love to offer services at very little charge to no charge. Book binding, copy machines, fax machines, printers, computers, coffee and lots of it. Not just another book store, but a lending library, a curriculum treasure trove. A look and see before buying from the company. Believe it or not, I do not want to do this to make money. That is the true beauty of it.

So, things to research as of now, non-profit christian status, grant money - non government funded!! A place, the vision and the people!

If anyone has an extra 50,000 laying around, I know a great non-profit just waiting to blossom!

I think I can I think I can I think I can......

Wow, I really need to get my own words in writing to hand myself at this time each year. I always end the homeschool year swearing I will never fill up our schedule like that again, and yet, here we are beginning Oct. 1st with a full schedule that would blow even the deepest foundations over.

My husband recently accepted a canadency for a doctorate at Walden University. Yes, that sounds daunting, and I'm a tad bit worried about his mental health right now. Add in homeschooling three children, with three very active lives, running the homeschool support group meetings, a Friday school co-op with 80 children and numerous classes that add to our homeschooling experience and you have a recipe for insanity. Oh, yeah, and I'm in school full time too for my bachelors. Are we crazy or what? So, here is our weekly schedule, just to make you feel like your normal.

Monday - Homeschool 9-12 we are doing some pretty hefty classes this year
Piano for 8 year old
Science co-op for twins - Apologia
Botany for 8 year old
Guitar lessons for twins

Tuesday - Homeschooling again :0
The one day, where we stay home and hmmm, clean?

Wednesday - Homeschooling 9-12
Violin Lessons for 8 year old
Bible Study for Kids with Grandpa

Thursday - Homeschooling 9-12
Violin lessons for the older kids
Horseback riding for all three
AWANA for all

Friday - Friday School 8:30-12:00
Co-op (yes a second one) 1-4pm

Saturday - Everything else that needs to be done before we start it all over on Monday

Sunday - Church
Bible study
Planning Day

Now, if you were too add in my own schooling schedule, we would see I have exactly 3 hours and 42 minutes each day, if I read while making dinner :) Add in my husbands schooling and our day extends well into the evening.

Check back in 3 weeks when I show you just how a family of 5 can make 32 hours in a day appear :)