Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What we are doing for our Freshman Year

It's hard to believe as I type this that I have two freshman. It means we are only a few years away from completing this journey with them. Does learning ever end? It hasn't for me. I'm constantly repeating school. Thanks to homeschooling I think I've finally figured out that 1+1=2, in theory, unless you change what the number 1 stands for in that case it throws my whole theory out. Oh well! Maybe by the time Rebecca is a Senior I'll get it. :)

So, I promised yesterday I would write what we are doing for Highschool this year. It's evolved quite a bit since finding Easy Peasy Homeschool. Did I mention how much I LOVED all her links and direction. I've never met this woman, but if I do I will hug her! This has revolutionized our year.

So stay with me, I'm going to go by subject, tell you what we have done so far and what we are doing now. In a few cases its simple, in a few it's a little over the top to follow.

We will start easy!

Math - Math U See (I love the old versions)
Kahn Academy for explanations, videos and practice when needed.

History - We LOVE Notgrass World History! In all honestly I've not looked anywhere else for history for these kiddos. Not to say I wasn't looking before I found this but it's just perfect for my kids!

So, now it's going to get a little tricky

Literature - World Literature
We are using Notgrass World History which also comes with a literature program. It is great literature BUT, we haven't found a huge discussion on the literature. I felt they needed a bit more. After all we have been following Adam Andrews Teaching the Classics up until now. WHICH I LOVE!! Nothing will replace him, however with my 5th grader still needing a lot of my attention literature just wasn't going how I wanted.

Easy Peasy to the rescue! We followed her link to GA Virtual School for 9th grade Grammar and Literature.
It's been a win win for us.
And to find SAS Currciulum Pathways (which is FREE to sign up for) and see all the resources we have to fill just doesn't get any better.

Just to be clear we are still reading the literature from Notgrass World History AND completing this online course with GA Virtual.

Now, on to one of the trickiest of subjects for us.

Science - We are doing Biology this year.

We started the year with Biology 101 and LOVED LOVED it! My freshman devoured it, literally. We were done with it quite fast. We were following the accredited version of this course and instead of using library books as they suggest we were using Apologia Biology and The world of Biology by John Tiner. We still finished early. Like I said, they devoured it. I have no doubt it's due to the Biology 101 course. They are still telling everyone how much they loved it.

 So, I'm trying to figure out how to make this course keep stretching. After all they are suppose to have a full 180 hours in order to count as a credit. Sigh.... comes Easy Peasy again! I have told you lately how much I love them?
I've checked out a few of her Biology recommendations and I'm so excited.
First we have Biology 101 from the Education Portal
Next we have Biology from GA Virtual
Finally we have SAS Curriculum Pathways

Can you believe all there is on Biology for FREE! Interactive educational whoop de doooo!

Thank you Easy Peasy for showing us the way!

Now my kids do some intense Bible Study with Notgrass History AND Awana AND Bible Study. Not to mention our fantastic co-op class on God's Heart for the Nations.

They are also completing an Art History Course at co-op with  Meet the Masters!

Just so you don't think I'm not doing enough with them.....hahahha.....they were also just accepted into our local Youth Orchestra.

Did I mention we are trying to fit in Institute  for Excellence in Writing? Looks like it might be a co-op class soon so I'm slacking in that area!


  1. Hi Susie,
    Did you do a lab for biology also?


  2. We have not had complete hands on lab as of yet. However, I have had them watch videos on frog dissection. There is a very cool interactive one available. Best part, it doesn't smell.
    Also, it's very easy to find a used dvd of biology labs to watch.
    Like I said, we haven't made it that far yet.

    For college requirements that we have looked into, only one year of labs is needed. I figured we would spend 9th-11th grade reviewing, biology, chemistry and physics. Their senior year we will choose a full on advanced science program with labs.

    I haven't felt the need to officially do labs yet.

  3. Here is also a link to SAS Curriculum where you can do "online" labs.

    (There is a link to SAS Curriculum Pathways at the top of my blog)
    This was a search for cell labs.