Thursday, February 21, 2013

Have you Checked out my Avon Site?

Right above here you will see my "Buy Avon From Me" page. Yes, this is a shameless plug.

I love Avon products, BUT I'm not that fond of pushy sales people at my door. HONESTLY I've not had any pushy sales ladies and the one Avon lady I had years ago I LOVED! Such a sweet grandmotherly lady who took in my kids and I as if we were her own and treated me like a super star.(I was a very young homeschooling mom at that time with 6 year old twins and a highly active crazy loud 2 year old)

Because of this experience I wanted to become an Avon Rep. My goal is to service my homeschool community. Hopefully I'm known enough around here that they will feel comfortable being honest with me and letting me know if they would like to have an Avon service or not.

Another thing I liked about Avon this time is that I can do my work online. I'm an online shopper. I love Amazon. I buy silly things like laundry soap and dishwashing soap from them even. I mean two day free shipping AND it's coming to my door. I love it!

Avon does the same thing. Okay, not free two day shipping, but free shipping with a small $30.00 order and many times I know of a free shipping code for holidays or other occasions I can share.

Avon at your door, no pushy sales person, no reason to get out of your jammies (yes as a homeschooling mom there are times I'm in my jammies all day) to get your beauty products.

Speaking of which....I just have to share. A few weeks ago I had declared pajama day in our house. It's not often that we even have a day that we are not going somewhere, but this particular day was free of appointments, co-ops, music lessons, you name it. I lounged in my jammies all day. Imagine my horror when a knock came at my door. I send one of the kids to investigate praying it's UPS. No, it's our regular mail man. This of course means I need to sign for something.

He is not the nicest mail man we have had, and maybe it's our very long driveway and impossible gate he has to come through but his humor is usually not there with me. Of course, I'm trying to figure out what he is going to think about my jammies, and if I can find a good excuse for wearing them. Well, I didn't I just tried to laugh it off, with no smile from him.

My teenage daughter answers the door and he asks for her mother. Knowing I'm in my pajamas she stammers a bit and is speechless. He repeats, "It's not hard to get your mom is it?" She calls for me, remember I'm trying to figure out how to instantly be changed out of these jammies, but nothing worked. I hear him say "Now that wasn't hard was it?" UGH!

So, it's been a few weeks and I wasn't feeling great so I went ahead and declared pajama day again. You know what's coming don't you? Yup, he had to come to the door again. I didn't even bother. He probably thinks I live in my plaid jammies. Oh well.......I'm homeschooling for a reason right. :)

Back to my and I might be a lot alike. I prefer to talk to people via email, I prefer to visit online. I think I'm very much a people person and I love to chat and smile and drink coffee. I co-lead a very large co-op in our community and have the homeschool resource library just outside my house. I'm pretty versatile. Plus I'm not here to make tons of money. Some would be nice, I'd really like to find my niche in helping my husband out while staying home, but I also just like having something worth while to do. My girls are getting older and I'm trying to set a better example for them then was set for me. I'm a keeper of my home, a instructor of my children  and a help meet to my husband.

So, now that you know a bit more about me and why I chose to sale Avon, I hope if you are considering trying their products you will want to shop at my store, knowing that if you dislike anything for any reason I will do everything to make you happy with your purchase or as Avon says, I'll make sure you get your refund.

Thanks for letting me put in my shameless plug. to rally the troops for a little more school on one of our NON-pajama days! Mr. Mailman, your welcome to come by today if you like.

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